The Learning Center

Welcome to the Saagara Learning Center! This is a compilation of resources that will help you master your health and wellness - from proper breathing techniques to healthy eating to relaxing.

breathing guide


  • An introduction to pranayama
  • How to breathe properly
  • All about diaphragmatic breathing
  • Benefits of practicing pranayama

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meditation guide


  • Different meditation techniques and tools
  • Proper posture in meditation
  • Use breathing in mindful meditation
  • The role of your thoughts in meditation

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yoga guide


  • How yoga improves health
  • The many different types of yoga
  • Why should yoga be practiced in schools?
  • Yoga for beautiful glowing skin

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healthy food guide


  • Benefits of a healthy diet
  • What does a healthy diet look like?
  • Why eat organic?
  • 5 Componenets of a healthy diet
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stress management guide

Stress Relief Guide

  • How chronic stress accelerates aging
  • Causes of stress and symptoms of poor stress management
  • The essential four stress reduction techniques
  • How to stop anxiety attacks
  • Using pranayama to reduce headaches

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