Saagara Augmented Reality

Discover a new way to experience health. We made the only health augmented reality app that both teaches and entertains.

Saagara AR

Download the free app

The app is available in the Apple Appstore and on Google Play. Use the camera on your device to capture various image targets and experience the magic of augmented reality. Download our free AR app to experience the holographic phenomenon yourself!

The Saagara AR App should be used in conjunction with Saagara's AR image targets (posters & cards). You can download and print the AR poster PDFs below.

Free Augmented Reality Posters

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that aims to enhance our everyday experiences by layering virtual images and sounds over real ones. One form of AR is experienced by looking at the screen of a smartphone or tablet, with the camera directed at an image target.

What are Saagara Augmented Reality Posters?

Saagara's AR Posters were created with the same stunning designs and concepts reflected in our apps. However, with the AR aspect we were really given the chance to create an experience unlike any other.

Each poster contains a unique AR Experience, combining visual and auditory sensations that really impress. The posters contain AR image targets, designed to bring the poster to life. When you look at the AR targets using Saagara's AR app, various 3D images and sounds appear on your device for a truly interactive experience.

Why posters?

As a health-tech company, we saw a huge opportunity to create something practical and beautiful. We wanted to distribute information in a way that captures people’s imagination. Our augmented reality posters are meant to engage, inform and entertain. Some of our posters are more medical, while others are quite artistic. But the overall goal is the same: to spread awareness about methods to improve your health.