About Us

Saagara is an Ann Arbor based Digital Health Company, whose founders have an eclectic background in medicine, design, engineering, yoga and meditation. The Saagara team is dedicated to helping you maximize your overall health and well-being, so that you may lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Our mission at Saagara, is to improve health and raise consciousness of individuals throughout the world.

Through the use of software we make small changes in people's lives. We strive to make dramatic improvements in peoples' health and well-being. By combining technology, community, and raised awareness, we plan to do this on a global level.

Saagara was established in 2009 and is located in the creative and multicultural city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Saagara, is to improve health and raise consciousness of individuals throughout the world. We do this by creating affordable health tools that people can access on a variety of mobile devices.

Management Team

Dr. Nagabhushanam "Bobby" Peddi

CEO and Founder

Bio: Bobby graduated with a Medical degree from Edinburgh University, but after training in surgery left Medicine to pursue an entrepreneurial path. He founded Saagara in 2009, where he specializes in developing the company vision, recruiting exceptional talent, and moving projects forward.

Marcus "Marc" Mojica

Chief Technology Officer

Bio: In 2012, Marc came on as CTO, where he now leads development projects, manages Saagara's technical infrastructure, and provides expert knowledge for new projects. With over 10 years of diverse experience in software engineering, he is an indispensable asset to Saagara.

Company culture

Life at Saagara revolves around creating a positive working environment. We also benefit greatly from adopting the positive habits we promote. We believe that our team should have the resources to reach their own balance and enlightenment.

Before a new idea is launched to go into production, we personally test the positive effects and efficiency of our apps and practices as well as consult certified professionals in health and yoga fields. The office itself functions as a supportive family with a very fun outlook on the day’s tasks and interactions.

At Saagara, much of our product development revolves around coming up with good ideas and concepts. We believe in cultivating creativity, and that’s why everyone on our team is called upon to brainstorm, innovate and share.

Healthy habits are also at the center of our daily routines. We try to exercise, do pranayama or japa meditation together each day. We strive to keep our team in good health with healthy snacks and promoting healthy working habits. Our office has standing desks for employees to work at, yoga mats for exercise, and couches for the occasional power nap.